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All of the photographs below were exhibited as framed prints, and were all taken in Saga Prefecture by Ed Crandall and Ray Kinnane.

Ed's photographs are the first twenty one thumbnails displayed, and are numbered EC1. to EC21. in the picture title box. Ray's photographs are from the twenty second thumbnail displayed to the end, and are numbered RK1. to RK21. in the picture title box. Please click on a thumbnail to enlarge, or use the 'Slideshow' control in the top right corner.

We had 750 visitors through the exhibition in the six days it was open.
EC1. Bridge (Saga City)EC2. Cellphone (Arita)EC3. Gas Station (Saga City)EC4. Mannequins (Saga City)EC5. Child and Airplane (Saga City)EC6. Garbage Containers (Ogi)EC7. Cotton Candy (Kashima)EC8. Nap (Saga City)EC9. Through a Window (Tosu)EC10. Storefront (Ogi)EC11. Putting Away Fishing Nets (Kashima)EC12. Window Shopping (Tosu)EC13. Construction Site (Saga City)EC14. At the Bus Station (Saga City)EC15. Outdoor Restaurant (Arita)EC16. Hose (Saga City)EC17. Parasol (Kashima)EC18. Woman and Pickup Truck (Saga City)EC19. Boarding a Train (Tosu)EC20. Through a Train Window (Tosu)